Posted by: animekid | August 27, 2006

Hello world!

Hi everyone and welcome to the first

I guess we should start out with a little bit of a ” Who the hell am I ” description so………

My name is Lew Newmark. I was born 49 years ago to Marvin and Jeannette Newmark in Brooklyn, NY. My birth parents separated about the time I was five years old ( please don’t cry for me Argentina ), and my mother raised me by herself for several years. Thanks Mom! 🙂

At some point in time a few years later, my Grandmother Lena Goldstein, came and lived with us. She would take care of me while my mother was working. A humorous tale about my grandmother in a future post.

Several years later, with grandma in tow, we wound up living on east 96th street in Canarsie. I was a pretty happy kid still at this point. I was going to school ( don’t remember which school at this point in time, I mean I am pretty old now you know ) coming home each day and doing the things that a typical kid at that age does. Of course that would change. One day, I believe that I was nine years old at this point in time, I would come home from school the way I always did, and knock on the door of the apartment to have my grandmother let me in. For some reason, this day she wasn’t answering the door. The landlady of the apartment house ( a kind old woman herself who’s name escapes me now ) would let me in. I went into my grandmothers bedroom to see her. I remember trying to wake her and I thought she was just very tired. I proceeded to go into my mothers bedroom and watch tv. Needless to say things changed after that day. My grandmother had passed away in her sleep, I would think rather painlessly.

Okay, more about an issue relating to this moment in my life in a later post. Lets move forward. I’m 11 and a half, my mother is dating this guy named Lou Scozzari and it’s about a year and a half away from my thirteenth birthday. Did I forget to mention that I am Jewish? Well the relevance here is that at thirteen, in the Jewish relegion on your birthday you have what is called a ” Barmitzvah “. It symbolizes in the jewish faith the boy becoming a man on this day. Anyway, it’s kinda like a large birthday party with family members and friends, and your the BIG KAHUNA that day. Well Mr. Scozzari would be the person who would help pay for this little shindig. He would eventually also become the person I would most look up to and be my father figure.

Well, I think that this will suffice for now. It’s just the beginning of who I am, but I will finish this up with more posts to follow.

Let me finish up this first post by just explaining when I will be posting and furthering this journey along…..

I will try to do a post at least once a day, usually in the evening after I am home from my ” Personal Working Hell ” and in between my other duties as Husband, Father, Son, and Full Time Entrepreneur! More on the ” Entrepreneur ” thing in future posts.

Most of the posting will happen on weekends, that’s when I have the most free time. Please note that I find the terms ” Weekend “, and ” Free Time ” very humorous even as I write them. LOL

Your Blue Collar worker



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