Posted by: animekid | August 27, 2006

Who the Hell I am – The Journey Continues!

Hi again. It’s a rainy afternoon in upstate NY, so with nothing better to do and finding this important enough to try to finish…..

Lets go back to the ” Big Birthday Party ” and the person I would eventually call ” DAD “…

As I said in the earliar post, Lou Scozzari would become the new ” Father Figure ” in my young adolescent life. Before I go further I want to state without hesitation that when I first met him, I didn’t like him. He would eventually grow on me, weither I wanted him to or not. I will talk about Lou in depth in a later post but just know that I will only use his ” First ” name in this section of the posting, for in truth Louis Scozzari was to become the person I would always call ” DAD ” and that’s all that need be said.

So, Lou wound up paying for the big bash. I wound up getting alot of birthday cards with alot of checks and most of that went back towards whatever Lou wasn’t,t able to pay for. All I know is, I was the MAN on this given day.

Soon after, thru several events, we wound up moving to upstate NY, Middletown NY to be exact. I remember telling kids in my class at school that I was moving upstate to Middletown, and most of ( if not all of my supposed friends ) thought I was full of it and that there was no Middletown, NY. Needless to say, I left them all behind and we all headed upstate. I was enrolled in the Middletown school system, where I would eventually get my High School diploma, have several girl friends, make some friends( who I have pretty much lost touch with ) goe into the service ( the Army to be exact ), get married to my first high school sweetheart, come back home to Middletown ( another story for another time ) and eventually start my Blue Collar life of servitude for the all might saw buck!

Okay this is the condensed version of events to lead to what I really want to devote this particular blog to, which is what it really means to be a BluCollar Worker.


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