Posted by: animekid | September 15, 2006

Who the hell I am or the continuation of a twisted tale….

Hi all! Time to continue the tale of Who I Am…….

I’m a 49 year old BluCollar worker. I’m a 49 year old Husband. A 49 year old Father. And a 49 year old Son. I’m also an Entrepreneur with a full time business that I get to run part time. This is a business that I hope will eventually release me from my servitude at the place of my daily toiling, that’s right my JOB! What is the business that I am trying desperately trying to make work for me….I sell Anime figures and Anime merchandise. I love Anime in general, and I just find the whole genre alot of fun and enjoyable. But this again is a tale for another post. Today is the time to end my twisted tale of Who the Hell I Am.

Well, when I got home from the service, I returned to Middletown, still married to my first wife. Fastforward a little more than a year later, and I’m divorced! Hey, I starting to follow in the footsteps of my ” Biological Father “! God Forbid! Anyway, fast-forward another year and a half and I am dating my present wife Susan ( hey, I just introduced one of my cast members ahead of time ) and a little while after this, we tie the knot. That’s right I do it again, and yes I am a glutton for punishment. Now let’s move on to the why I am the Blucollar type of guy that I am today!

When I was growing up, I had a talent for art. when I was growing up, I was always just doodling, which eventually became my always drawing. I actually got yelled at and embarrassed in an English class by this BITCH of a teacher whose first name was Patricia and whose last name I will not mention ( but I do still remember it, better than 30 years later thank you ) because of this habit. As I got older, I actually got better at this. When I was in school, back in 1973, there were no art schools at the time that I knew of for drawing comics like there are now. I never had the opportunity to take classes and further my talent, and knowledge. I even had taken the Marvel Comics Tryout Test, and I hoped against hope that I might get lucky. Didn’t happen. I never tried to continue it’s pursuit. I also tried to do Comic Strips. I even based this on the place I presently work at. While the art was decent, my comedy writing wasn’t the greatest. Another effort never fully realized due to my own lack of conviction.

Several years ago,I had the opportunity to take some college courses and vocational courses also. I took bookkeeping, and business ( the two “B’S” ) and started a videogame rental business with a friend. The business did fairly well. The premise was to deliver video game consoles to our customers, and as I said we did fairly well at this. For several reasons, which I will not go into, the partnership between us eventually dissolved, and I continued onward with the business. Eventually, the business failed. I moved on, failure that I was and still a dissatisfied, driven, pissed, Blucollar worker.

more to come……


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