Posted by: animekid | September 17, 2006

Who the Hell I am….A Twisted Tale Concluded

Well, how do you sum up 49 years of living into a couple of blogs? I’m not sure, but this is my take on how to do it! Lets finish this twisted tale talking about unrealized potential.

I’m sure that everyone has or in some cases, had a dream about what they wanted to be when they grew up and how to go about it. While some people seem to just be able to go after their dreams, and after several agonizing years, achieve their life’s ambition…there are people like moi’, who just never seem to quite get it done. My unrealized potential as I mentioned in my last post was being a comic artist. I wanted to be the next Jim Aparo, the next Gene Colan, the next Jim Lee!
I also seemed to migrate toward web design, a bit of a different way to express my creativity, but I thought I would settle for it. The only problem was that I was a little long in the tooth to start learning web design and be able to pursue it as a career. I even inquired about this particular problem and was told, ” that while age would really not play a major factor in being hired for this type of job, more than likely a person younger than myself vying for the same position as I, would more than likely get the nod over myself “, which I found VERY ENCOURAGING, and certainly had no influence on my deciding NOT TO TAKE A FIVE YEAR COLLEGE COURSE” to get a degree in web design. Never mind the fact that I would be in my fifties by the time I graduated!

Mind you, I’m trying to do all these things while working a dead end, Blucollar job on a manufacturing factory, where I labor everyday doing the same mundane, boring job, along with other dregs of the Earth, subsisting on what my company calls a paycheck every other week.

It has often been said of myself, by others at this place of toiling , that I am too intelligent to still be working in the factory that I am working in, and they just cannot understand why I am still there after all this time.

Well, I’m not sure why either.

But until I figure out a way to leave there, hopefully doing something other than toiling to make another person more financially secure than myself, I continue to be your dissatisfied Blucollar working guy living on a pittance from week to week, just like you!


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