Posted by: animekid | September 19, 2006

Is the American Dream Dead?

At our morning break, while talking about politics and the coming presidential election, we wandered onto the subject of the American dream, and basically, the fact that alot of the people with whom I work, seem to feel that the American Dream is dead in the USA.

We talked about how big business is killing the American Dream by paying people lower wages, due to the competitiveness of American business and how cutthroat it has become. My reply to the comment was that it really depends on your definition of what the American Dream might mean to each individual person.

While I can say that I hate my job, I can also say that I have a home, I have an online business that I am trying to grow, and I am able to write the two blogs that I write on WordPress. For me, the American dream is alive and well.

And I’ll go one step further…

I think when it comes to personal freedom and being able to chase the American Dream, there is only one place you CAN DO THAT, and that’s right here in the USA, where so many success stories continue to unfold each and everyday.

I would really like to know what your thoughts are on the American Dream; is it alive for you or not and why?


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