Posted by: animekid | September 25, 2006

My Cast of Charecters

It’s time to give a nod to the important people in my life, both family and friends.

As in most cases, family comes first and so……..

My nucleus family


We have been married for almost 25 years, and we haven’t killed each other yet. Of course we work different shifts, and don’t see one another except on each other’s weekends. A perfect marriage buildt on not spending alot of time together. Retirement together will be interesting to say the least. Pray


My daughter of 23 years. She is stubborn, opinionated, wants to do what she wants, makes alot of mistakes, and thinks that the government is bad. She might be right there. She is alot like me. I pitty the man she marries. He will have to be strong, and have alot of patience. She has also informed me that she has not had a cancer stick ( this is my metaphor for the deadly cigerette ) since last thursday. Hopefully, she can continue the streak.

Louis Scozzari

The one person who I called father. We lost my dad a year ago, last month, and while he is not here anymore physically, spiritually he is still with me.

Jeannette Scozzari

My mother of 49 years, and still counting. She has stayed with us since my dad’s passing. I guess after 49 years, I’ll keep her.

City Folk

My family who are in the city of Brooklyn, NY USA….

My Aunt Dotty _ That’s right, my Mom’s sister ( which makes her my Aunt ) and I love her to death too!

My Cousin Randy

Who shall be forever remembered for scaring the hell out of me, while baby sitting for me as a kid. I still owe her one for that stunt. I do believe in friendly revenge.

My Cousin Bobby

Bobby married my cousin Randy, thus making him my cousin. Deal with it! Bobby has a great sense of humor and a big heart. He is a big practical joker.

Their Kids Lee and Janel ( hope I spelled Janele’s name right )

My Cousin Steve

My cousin Steve, lives out on Staten Island with his wife Beth. I am not as close as I would like to be to Steve, but this is my fault and not his. I hope I can rectify this in the future. Maybe….

Their kids Michael and Shannon

Folks just a little off the Family Tree

These are some of the folks who while not ACTUALLY RELATED are none the less, for better or worse, part of my family….

My Friend Lee – I worked with Lee at a dominos pizza here in town several years ago. We are not what you would call everyday friends. Every once in a while, I’ll pick up the phone out of the blue and see how his life is going, and he does the same. He’s about due for a phone call. It’s my turn.
My buddy Paul

I’ve know Paul for around 13 years now. We worked together, and we were the ” SHOW ” at work. We loved and hated each other all at the same time at work. He left to go to a better job, and much better pay. I have to give him a call sometime this week.

My ( removed sister ) Rosie. A good friend and a great person. I have been out of touch with her for a while ( not my fault ) but now, she lives around the corner. Lots of catch up time here.

Vivian and Bob Van Orden

Two dear, sweet people ( well Viv is anyway ) and they are the salt of the earth. And I am a better person for knowing them.

Last but not least, the Beecher brothers….


A great big jerk, who’s always able to bring a smile to my face . You big jerk!


The little brother I could always do without. Almost always has an attitude, and PMS. What’s happening Arnolddddddd!


If ever I had a brother, I would be greatly dissapointed if he were not like my friend Ken . I could not ask for a better friend, and probably don’t deserve the friendship I have with him. Even tempered, wise, easy going, and has been involved in more of my lunatic family happenings, than I would have wanted to involve him in. I would hope that in another life, I could be half the person that he is.
There are others, below this list that I see everyday but I won’t bother to mention here right now.

This is it, take em or leave em, these are my important people.


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