Posted by: animekid | October 4, 2006

Awake at 50

Hi all.

I just got done reading a post from Angry 365 days a Year , and I can tell you that it is amusing reading, but this guy has nothing on me folks! Well, other than hits to his blog . Hopefully that will change,but ahh, I digress here…..

Lets start with a recent post on Angry about Good Boss, Bad Boss. First, in most of my Blucollar ( and in case your wondering about the Blucollar spelling, it is taken from a cartoon I appropriately titled Blucollar several years back ) jobs, there has been only one kind of boss. Friendly, but having to cover their ass, so f–k you very much!

My boss ( at this moment in time, happens to be a close friend ) and while he has made life for me at the job a little easier, not enough to make me hate it any less!

I don’t feel ( at least if your a grunt worker ) that a good boss complimenting you, and or speaking to you in a non – condescending way really makes a difference in the order of the blucollar worker’s life. What really shows me that I’m appreciated is ” CASH “, and a whole lot of it.

While it has been argued adnausium at my job about what will motivate a worker, and most of the people in a supervisory position swear that a person will do the same amount of work whether he is paid $12 or say $16. I have always said, pay me what I am worth, and don’t just give me a song and dance at raise time and just give me a quarter and say that’s the best we can do for you. If that’s your best, keep it because your not doing me any favors!

I’d like to buy some groceries and some gas okay!


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