Posted by: animekid | October 7, 2006

Mr Angry has me Pissed!

While I have written a half assed post linking to what I thought was a decent post about work and folks being average at their jobs, I thought I would check out his ” You Tube ” musings, and while there is really nothing earth shattering here, one video did raise my ire alot!

The Angry News-It’s Nuke Time, while touching on some of the world’s everyday issues, crosses my line when it mentions Israel and the single comment ” acting out of proportion ” which is a reference to Israel’s continued military efforts to protect what is rightfully their own land!

I just posted my own comment here and I’m waiting for his response to it. I hope he’s ANGRY about it too!



  1. Not angry my man, an exchange of views is always welcome. We disagree it seem seems on where “protection” crosses into “aggression”. I wouldn’t like to spend my life surrounded by people who wanted to kill me but I’ve never been convinced that lobbing bombs on civilians was a big winner in the “hearts and minds” department.

  2. While I would also not like to ” spend my life surrounded by people who wanted to kill me ” the sad truth is that a country like Israel will always be looked upon as the agressor in this type of situation, due to useless bodies of government and organizations like the United Nations, who continue to condem Israel for just doing what it has a right to do, which is defend and secure it’s own land.

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