Posted by: animekid | October 8, 2006

A Tip of the Hat

I just want to give a ” Tip of the Hat ” to Heather B. Armstrong for her site Dooce

While I only happened upon her site thru an article I had read in Business 2.0 about the potential dinero from blogging, I have become a devoted reader and fan.

Heather’s site deals with herself and her family life, which while doesn’t fall under Pulitzer prize written material ( but much closer to that Pulitzer than I shall ever be ) I find her candidness and openness about letting us in to share her family life refreshing, interesting, and also quite humorous at times.

So my hat is tipped to you Heather!

P.S. case in point about the entertainment value of Heather’s site is her emails . Read and enjoy the responses!


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