Posted by: animekid | November 28, 2006

New Job, New Attitude?

It’s the day after Thanksgiving, I’m up early and I thought that I might finally get back to writing while I have the time and opportunity.

I also haven’t written a post for a bit because of my new position at work. A position that I was not sure I would get in the first place. I alluded to the interview for the job in an earlier post, and to make it short and sweet, I have the position.

But does a new position mean you get a new attitude adjustment also? And now for the cop-out, wait for it……yes & no? Please note the question mark….

I find myself in the dubious position of finally getting out of my ” OLD ” job and getting into a ” NEW ” position at the same place of employment. This is a good thing because I had grown tired and resentful in my old job and I am truly grateful for the new job. The problem thou is my attitude…. I still have this nawing need to tell management, and others when their being asses! This becomes a problem due to the fact that my position has more responsibility, I work for a great person, and I work with a great person ( there are only three of us in this department, so there is more responsibility involved ) but I’m having a hard time keeping my mouth shut now. Before, if there was something that I did not agree with, in general, I would voice my opinion and speak my mind, and now I basically have to watch my P’s & Q’s.

So far, I have been used as the ” New Propaganda ” poster for the chance for advancement at my job, when in truth, the only reason I have this new job is because my boss INSISTED on actually posting the position in the plant facility rather than just putting an ad in the paper.

And I was just recently congratulated by the head of Human Resources, and told that she has heard that I am doing a great job and keep up the good work!

What a crock of clice’! I’ve been in the position for a month, don’t think there is that much I can screw up this early in the game!

New job, new attitude? I think not!! ( and yes, I know it’s way past thanksgiving! )


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