Posted by: animekid | December 17, 2006

Help! My christmas bonus isn’t due till March!

If you saw the NBC Nightly News last night , the one subject that really caught my eye ( and raised my dander level a little higher ) was the report about workers on Wall Street and the types of Christmas Bonuses, they were likely to be getting this holiday season.

If you work for Goldman Sachs, well a very merry Christmas you shall have.

These investment brokers on average will get a bonus to the tune of $650,000 dollars!

Here I am, a blucollar worker who, over the last couple of years has had to ( and please notice the word ” HAD ” here ) to help set up a new chemical dispensing system, has had to contribute more to my medical coverage at work, who has had to see his pension be frozen, and than I had to hear this last night! Mind you, in my company, they have a new ” work for pennies ” incentive plan, where if you bust your hump real hard, do all the ” MANDATORY OVERTIME ” we tell you to do, and just kiss our asses the right way maybe you’ll get 3% of your total salary in March of next year ( if the company continues to do well thru December of course ) and than, of course, we will just add that bonus to your check and make you pay more taxes on it too!

Hello! I will never make $650,000 in my life time, much less see it as a Christmas bonus this year! Now I understand the concept of the ” Haves and the Have Nots “, but nothing like having it rubbed right in your face, on your big screen tv to really drive that telephone pole right up your Holland tunnel!

So if you work at Goldman Sachs , ” Have another Mercedes on me! “


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