Posted by: animekid | December 17, 2006

” Vberrry, Vberry, Vberry Rewarding!

Before I get started, I want to just say I saw the ” Iceburgh ”  theme by Matt and liked it so much I immediately switched to it ( at least for the winter anyway ) so a tip of the pen to Matt!

Has just about everyone seen the commercials for the Citi Premier Pass credit cards, with the character ” Roman “who’s constantly earning bonus points with his sidekick ” Victor ” I am not sure if it was just late night fuzzyness and needing to get some sleep or if I just find these commercials very humorous, but my mother and I just started to imitate Roman’s tag line at the end of every commercial, laughing and just generally annoying my wife while saying in broken English ” vberry, vberry, VBERRY REWARDING! ”

Now while I am not advocating the we poor, underpaid, blucollar types, need to go and get ourselves in more debt ( just in time for the holidays ) with another credit card , I certainly think that Citi Group have come up with what could well become the Laurel and Hardys of television commercials, engaging us, entertaining us ( remember, we’re talking television here, and if you decided to tune into this particular post, it means you’ve seen the commercial in front of your boob tube also) and ultimately coaxing us into at least applying for this particular form of credit suicide,laughing all the way!

I mean, come on, don’t you want to see if you can earn points while flyying blindefolded on a plane with your sidekick too!


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