Posted by: animekid | December 20, 2006

It’s Just Obscene!

I made a quick post about Christmas bonus’s the other day, little realizing that I would hear something on the news again about Wall-Street, Goldman Sachs, and the OBSCENE amount of money they are paying their chief executive officer Lloyd Blankfein.

This report was announced on the news today and is also talked about on TOPIX.NET

Now maybe it’s just me, and my righteous indignation at the idea that an executive could actually get this amount of money for doing anything but…. oh wait I didn’t mention the amount of cash this exec is actually getting…..

wait for it…..


Hello? Is this thing on?

I went nuts when I heard what the average Goldman Sachs employee would get as a bonus…

$622,000 dollars! As a Christmas Bonus!!

Okay, why are you so mad Lew! Don’t these folks deserve this cash? Don’t they work hard? Aren’t they good at what they do?

Who gives a crap!

Listen, let one of these stock bookers, or investment counselors get their hands and their lungs dirty! And let em have to work up a sweat! Let them lift up a 50kg ( about 25lbs ) container of liquid off the ground. At least lifting this container as high off the ground as you are tall ( in my case that would be 6 feet! ) and pour about 7 kgsof this liquid into a pot! And don’t over-pour!

If I were a Conservative like Rush Limbaugh ( who has to be the biggest, most Pompous, windbag ) I have ever had the misfortune of listening to on talk radio , I would probably applaud the windfall that these people are getting, and than pat myself on the back and say that this is what makes America great!

While I tend to burn the candle at both ends when it comes to politics and can see both side of most issues, the only issue here that is important and relavent to me is the fact that this is just one of the ways that we are a lopsided society, a society of Haves and Have Nots. And while I definitely fall into the Have Nots category, I wouldn’t mind if some how, some way, some of this windfall being showered upon these kings of wall street would be able to trickle down onto some of the little people.

You remember the little people. Your factory worker, your waitress, your postman, a volunteer firefighter. The people who live paycheck to paycheck. Who struggle to meet the mortgage on time. Who have no pension. Who have little to look forward to in retirement.

I say, that people who make this type of money in Christmas Bonus’s, should have to put 30% of that money into a government lottery pool, where so many names are picked every year, and a percentage of that pool is put into these people’s retirement accounts. And if they don’t have a retirement account, well after this little lottery donation, they would!

How come president bush and his conservative friends don’t run with this idea!

Maybe, it’s too obscene an idea for a pompous, conservative, windbag to ponder.

But certainly not for the rest of us.


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