Posted by: animekid | December 24, 2006

Politics and me….

I am looking at starting a blog about politics. You may be thinking why am I even going to do this…..well because politics are interesting to me. I listen to alot of talk radio, on an ongoing basis. I listen to conservative talk radio to be honest….but please don’t label me a conservative or a right winger. I tend to be more of the middle road. I can look at both sides of the same issue and have varying opinions about the said issue…. with this thought in mind, I felt that it was high time I entered the political blogging arena and put in my .50 cents worth….yes virginia, I have alot more than .2 cents to speak of when it comes to politics….so to take a lyric from a show that I grew up on…….que sa ra, sa ra, what ever will be will be…the future’s not ours to see…que sa ra, sa ra…thank you Doris Day.

more to follow soon…….


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