Posted by: animekid | December 25, 2006

The perversion of Christmas

I can’t believe that I have written this many posts relating to Christmas, but this post was necessary…

Of all the holidays that we celebrate, you would think that Christmas just could not be touched by Hollywood and their perverse filmmakers…

well think again!

Black Christmas, a remake of some garbage hack and slash from 1974 is being thrust upon us in what is supposed to be the season of giving on Christmas day!

I won’t give this film any more press and or waste alot of space or thought to it, other than to just say that I feel that Hollywood needs to take a serious look at what they are producing and thrusting upon us, the movie going public, and to know when to police itself!

Save this film for halloween, along with the other ten to twelve hack and slash horror films to be released at that time of year where it belongs!

I doubt that Santa will be paying you folks associated with this little number a visit this year!


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