Posted by: animekid | December 25, 2006

To Spirits And Souls Gone From Us

To Spirits And Souls Gone From Us

It’s been a year and a half since my dad’s passing and it is still too new for me, and is especially hard and heartfelt for all of us at this time of year.


As we have all adjusted to his passing, we have grown as a family. We have faced the despair of his loss together as a family and grown stronger for it.


But, as I sit in the family room, sipping some fresh brewed Yuban coffee with some International Delight ” Chocolate Mint Truffle ” ( it just caught my eye the other day in Stop & Shop and I just had to try it out! ) I look back at the last few Christmas’s with him.


I remember his delight and happiness at the gifts, I was able to surprise him with, and his hugging me ( my dad wasn’t a hugger, at least not very often anyway ) and I find warmth and comfort thru those images.


And I think back to my last visit with my uncle Ralph. It was a New Years Eve family get together several years ago now.


We had all gone to the city to share this New Years together, and it was very special. My uncle Ralph was also a strong person who was fighting Cancer.


I remember looking at him that night, thinking how great it was to be with him and the rest of my family, but also thinking of how thin and frail he looked. The cancer had taken it’s toll on him, and it would eventually do the same with my dad.


In another year of murder and sacrifice in Iraq, of the loss of life thru senseless fighting, my thoughts wander to the two most important souls who are with us no longer.


Two spirits, who fought in two different wars, and would face the same enemy separately, yet have the same strength of will, determination and courage, while facing another deadly enemy.


To my Father, Louis Scozzari and my uncle Ralph Garfinkle

Their spirits and souls, always with us in our hearts and minds.

I wish you both the Merriest of Christmas’s in Heaven

Love to you both !





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