Posted by: animekid | December 30, 2006

Christmas and the Flat Tire!

It was December 22nd, just three days away from the big C day. I had a little birdie ( my Mom ) mention the night before that my wife hoped I had gotten her a gift. Naturally,my wife having been very ill over the past two months, and having not worked very steady, I really wasn’t concerned about gifts….but I had bought some gifts and than said to myself, what the heck, let me stop off and get another gift or two for the wife and the little ” birdie “. About a half hour later I get out of the department store I was shopping in and walked toward my vehicle. As I am getting to the car, with the light fading fast from the December sky, I notice that the car is leaning toward the drivers side a bit. And as I get closer, I start to get madder, because what do I see….oh Santa please no….that’s right a flat tire….and the rain begins to fall!

So around two and a half hours later, I have the donut on the car and I’m driving home. After having to call my mom from the Firestone across the street,to come pick me up, and than ask my neighbor to take me back to the parking lot where the car was, so I could change the tire, in the rain, rather slowly due to the lack of proper tools and a pretty useless jack that comes with the vehicle I had chosen to drive around for the past three years.

Nothing like a little rain and a flat tire to piss all over what little Christmas spirit I might have had till that point.

Next year, I’m gonna send a list to Santa early. I’ve never heard any stories of a reindeer getting a flat!


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