Posted by: animekid | January 7, 2007

Seven Sickdays & Staying Home?

It’s the beginning of the new year, and of course, I have gotten a cold, and I was just too out of it to get to work yesterday. I’m going to the local medical clinic early this morning before going to work…..but the question is what is the proper etiquette about taking sick time if your sick, and it happens to be the beginning of the new year!

I just saw a community service commercial that talks about staying home if your sick, and in the commercial they talk about the fact that when you go to work, you can spread your germs to your fellow workers thus spreading the cold that you have around to others.

The question in my mind becomes ” Whose paycheck is more important, my fellow co-workers paycheck or my own? ” And another question is what do you do if you don’t have ” Sick Time ?”

In my case, my company offers sick time to it’s employees.

In my wife’s case, her job does not offer sick time to it’s employees.

My wife was out of work for several weeks between the end of October thru December. Needless to say, this really sucked! What sucked more thou, was the fact that she had no sick leave to use!!

So, while trying to scramble to get money together to make ends meet, and waiting for a ” Family Disability ” check to arrive ( which finally arrived this week, and was next to nothing! ) I had to wonder what was the right thing to do?

Do I go to work, knowing full well that I had a whole seven days of sick time available to me ( new year and all ) and save my fellow employees health….

Or do I act as a selfish lout ( sorta the point being made in the commercial I mentioned earlier ) and spread my germs around and save some sick time?

Well, being the selfish, loutish individual that I am….I went to work!

And two days later, woke up too dazed and confused to actually take the chance of driving a vehicle to the job to continue spreading my plague germs around to one and all!

So when in doubt ( or when you really have no choice, like in my wife’s case ) let your conscience be your guide….and try to remember the last time one of your fellow employees actually helped you pay your bills.


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