Posted by: animekid | January 23, 2007

Do you believe this nonsense!

I haven’t posted here in a while because I haven’t really been angry about alot of things ( per se ) but when I heard this on the local morning show, I was like ” what are they thinking? ”

Did you hear that some government legislator is trying to pass a bill that will make it illegal to spank your child? Where was this law when I was growing up?

I can tell you that I have heard my daughter on several occasions ( when I was joking with her or not ) say to me ” go a head and slap me, and I go call the police, to which I always said to her ” well if your going to do that, I better make it worth your while! ”

Warning; when the government is more than willing to step in and tell you what you can and cannot do in raising a child, we’re in trouble folks. While I understand some of the reason for this measure, I am afraid of the broad interpretation that would be inferred with this measure. When you take away the right of a parent to discipline a child, you might just as well give the child a shotgun, and pray for the best.

I say that the government needs to limit ( or even better ) mind it P’s and Q’s when it comes to child rearing. Without a parent being able to disipline their child, guaranteed that you will see more acts of parents actually being abused by their children, and more children joining gangs, just because they can.

And in closing this little note, just remember that we are a new society that thinks it is perfectly fine to video tape a girl being beaten up by three other girls, over a boy, and the whole thing videotaped ( probably by the boy in question ) and the girls and the boy probably thinking that there would be no consequences for this act! And why do things like this happen?

Because, you and I, parents are letting it!


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