Posted by: animekid | August 16, 2007

The Summer of my Discontent..Post the Third

Kiki woke me up at 5 am.

I swear this dog has a mini alarm set to wake me up early.

For some reason, I had the song ” Only The Lonely ” by the Motels dancing thru my head ( usually I have some Rush song flowing up there ) this morning, and after tossing & turning in bed for a while decided to get up, have my coffee fix and do some writing.

This week is just flying by…not sure if this is a good thing or not. Wasn’t it just Monday, didn’t I just drive down to Brooklyn?

Thursday has come too soon….I tried to slow it down to no avail. This evening is the viewing for mom. I wanted her to have the one thing Dad did not have.

I’m anxious to see who will come here tonight….

I went to my parents house yesterday to get the mail, and our neighbor ( Annie ) stuck her head out of her window to tell me how sorry she was about mom, and to inform me of her husband’s passing last April….my first thought upon hearing this news was why he lived longer than my Dad?

Speaking of dad, I have to go and see him today…

As I am writing this there are three things I find ironic…

1) Mom’s room upstairs was finally ready for her

2) Mom passed away a day before Dad did…

3) And she is being laid to rest a day after he was…

Sue mentioned the passing of baseball great Phil Rizzuto and said that now mom would have someone to talk baseball with.

Sue and I have been watching Dark Shadows on DVD lately…and while this was an exciting series that I used to run home from school everyday during the 60’s to view, today some of what we see just makes you laugh…Sue was making fun last night of a scene that should have been dramatic, and I said to her that mom would have done the same thing you just did and we both laughed…it’s the first time I have laughed in days now.


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