Posted by: animekid | August 23, 2007

The Summer of my Discontent…Promises Unkept

As August starts to fade, my thoughts are of you this morning…has it been seven days already?

I think of what I had said to you just a few weeks ago, about having a place for you to go closer to home, away from Brooklyn and that damned hospital…closer to home, where I could come to see you after work, and that your bedroom was ready and waiting for you…

I told you about the gazebo that we had bought and set up on the back porch, so that we could all sit outside and enjoy a dinner outside, or just share the evening together…

This Sunday just passed has already been a week since you’ve left us…tomorrow will be a week since we laid you to your rest….

Your prayer candle still burns this morning, and I think of the promises that were unkept, I think of living life without you here by our side, my tears fall as the summer comes to a close, without you here with your family…Your son Lewis and daughter in law Susan, your granddaughter Samantha, your sister Dorothy, and your niece Randy and your nephew Steven, we all love you and miss you…

And as our love and pain at your loss has not diminished, nor has my discontent…my only solace is the thought that maybe ” you are just resting for a little while… ”

Your loving son Lewis


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