Posted by: animekid | August 29, 2007

The Summer of my Discontent…As Summer Ends..

It’s almost September and my thoughts turn to you again…How I have started to do the things that you had done when dad passed away…

Not being able to go right home and do the things that need to be done…not feeling comfortable in the house without someone being there…not wanting to be alone

Not being able to go to your house now..definitely an effort…

I had to go back to the funeral home yesterday to sign over the insurance checks for your service…

and while I have my moments where I still cry and cannot understand why you had to leave…I am coming to start to accept things now…

I have started to write my thank you cards to the people who came to your funeral, and who sent condolence cards to us…..

and I continue to strive forward because I know that’s what you would want…

I have your picture on my desk at work ( imagine me having a desk! ) with you at the beach, sitting in a little chair, waving hi to me…at least that’s how I choose to view it…it was a moment in time captured where you were well, happy and with your family in Brooklyn. It is how I will remember you mom…and it brings a sad smile to my face..

I love you..



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