Posted by: animekid | October 4, 2007

What I Did Not Expect

This is more of a little note to myself than anything else…

I thought that once the papers from the surrogate court had come thru, that all the headaches with Mom’s passing would be done.

Turns out there is more to be done, like setting up a new account for the ” Estate “, and paying lawyer fees ( I thought the $600 plus for the papers to be filed was all I would have to pay out ) silly me.

So the pain continues for now I guess.

On a different note, I went looking for Paula yesterday. Found her, and told her what had happened with Mom’s viewing and funeral. especially the part about the lack of people who had shown up who my Mother had known. She knew I was angry at her also, and unfortunately I left before I really told her what I thought of her, but I will never see nor hear from her again anyway.

So Mom and Dad, I have to wonder if you knew these types of things would happen…maybe I should have paid more attention to what you both had to do as far as Aunt Freida and Maddy was concerned.

I have to write your message for your first birthday in heaven Mom, as that day starts to approach.

I love you both, your son



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